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Chapter I. General Rules
Article 1. This association shall be called the Seoul Foreign Correspondents' Club.
Article 2. The Club shall have its office in the City of Seoul.
Article 3. The objectives of this Club shall be to protect and promote professional interests of correspondents of foreign news media working in Korea, to strengthen their mutual ties, and to promote friendship among foreign and local journalists, government public relations officials and leading personalities in Korea.
Article 4. To achieve the objectives stated in the preceding article, the club shall engage in the following activities:
1. To establish and operate a Club Lounge.
2. To organize regular lecture sessions and news conferences.
3. To distribute public relations material provided by government agencies and non-governmental organizations.
4. To promote charity work with proceeds from operation.
5. Other projects related to preceding items.
Chapter II. Members
Article 5. The Club shall have correspondent, journalist(Korean media), associate, visiting, special and honorary members.
Article 6. Membership shall be open to the following, subject to approval of the Membership Committee and ratification by an unanimous vote of the Board of Directors.
A. Correspondent Membership
Correspondents, foreign or local, for foreign newspapers or news magazines of general circulation, news agencies or news syndicates of general circulation, radio or television, and other foreign journalists who are regularly assigned to Korea who apply for membership with the club submitting required documents listed on the application form and approved by the Board of Directors.
B. Journalist(Korean media) Membership
(1) Members of equivalent Korean journalistic media
(2) Senior editors, foreign or Korean, of Korean-owned foreign language newspapers in Korea and abroad.
C. Associate Membership
(1) Public relations officials of foreign governments and social service organizations.
(2) Public relations officials of the Korean government and various social organizations and major corporations.
(3) Other persons whose membership is designated by the Board of Directors as useful and desirable for the attainments of the objectives and activities of this Club.
D. Visiting Membershipp
Visiting membership may be granted for a period of not more than three(3) months to any person who is a member of a journalist club with which SFCC has a receiprocal agreement provided he/she pay nominal fee designated by SFCC, by the Board of Directors.
E. Special Membership
Special membership may be granted to leading social personalities designated by the Board of Directors as desirable for the attainment of the objectives of the Club.
F. Honorary Membership
Honorary membership may be granted to retired past presidents and any distinguished person designated by the Board of Directors as desirable for the attainment of the objectives of the Club.
Article 7. All members may participate in projects and activities sponsored by the Club and are entitled to use all facilities of the Club.Only correspondent members shall attend a general meeting,, participate in its proceedings, vote in a general meeting, or hold office.
Article 8. Members shall pay all dues levied by the Club and observe instructions of the Club.
Article 9. A member may resign from the Club for personal or other reasons by submitting a written notice.
Article 10. A member may be censured or expelled by action of the Board of Directors and a special general meeting called for this purpose in the event he/she violates his/her obligations to or engages in acts that damage the honor of this Club.
Chapter III. Officers
Article 11. The Club shall have following officers: President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary General, Treasurer, and two Directors-at-Large. There shall also be two or more Auditors.
Article 12. Officers of the Club except for Directors-at-large, shall be elected at a general meeting for terms of one year. The outgoing President shall automatically become a Director-at-Large of the new Board of Directors.
Article 13. If the office of President becomes vacant, a general meeting must be convened to elect a new President. Other vacancies shall be filled by action of the Board of Directors for the remainder of terms: save that when an officer shall be absent for a period of not exceeding six months, the Board of Director may refer the appointment of a deputy to the next general meeting.
Article 14. The President shall be the chief executive officer of the Club and represent the Club.
Article 15. When the President shall be absent for a period of not exceeding six months, the First Vice President may act for him
Article 16. Directors shall attend meetings of the Board of Directors and carry out duties assigned by the President.
Article 17. The duties of Auditors shall be the following:
(1) Audit financial matters of the Club.
(2) Audit the operation and function of the Board of Directors.
(3) Report the results of auditing concerning the preceding items to a general meeting and the Board of Directors and take corrective measures in the event any illegality or impropriety is found.
(4) May attend meetings of the Board of Directors and express views, but shall have no vote.
Chapter IV. General Meeting
Article 18. Article 18. The supreme authority in the Club shall be resolutions of the regular membership approved in a general meeting. There shall be regular and extraordinary general meetings.
(1) A regular annual general meeting shall be convened in February. A quorum for any general meeting shall be one third or more of the correspondent members residing in Seoul at the time. A decision shall be made by a majority of the members in attendance.
(2) An extraordinary general meeting shall be convened by the President upon request by one-fifth or more of the correspondent membership, or by action of the Board of Directors.
Article 19. General meetings shall resolve the following:
(1) Election of officers.
(2) Dissolution of the Club, and amendments to the Club con- stitution.
(3) Disposition and acquisition of property, and loans for the Club treasure.
(4) Approval for budgets and settlements.
(5) Approval for business projects.
(6) Other matters of importance to the operation of the Club.
Chapter V. Board of Directors
Article 20. The Board of Directors shall act as the supreme executive body of the Club and consist of officers in the following order of precedence: President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary General and Treasurer, and two or more Directors-at-Large. A quorum for a meeting of the Board of Directors shall be a majority of the Director, and resolutions shall be decided by a majority of votes cast by Directors attending.
Article 21. The Board of Directors shall be convened by the President once a month regularly, and notice in writing for a Board meeting shall be given to each Director five days in advance. In case of an emergency, communication means other than a written notice may be used in convening a Board meeting. The President shall convene an extraordinary Board meeting when requested by one-third or more members of the Board.
Article 22. The Board of directors shall study and resolve the following:
(1) Planning and operation of important Club business.
(2) Drafting budgets and settlements.
(3) Matters entrusted by a general meeting.
(4) Drafting amendments to the Constitution.
(5) management of Club property.
(6) Matters entrusted under Articles of the Constitution.
(7) Drafting agenda for a general meeting.
(8) Matters proposed by the President.
Chapter VI. Assets and Accounting
Article 23. The assets of the Club shall consist of basic assets and general assets. The basic assets shall comprise assets contributed by the founders of the Club and others designated as basic assets by the Board of Directors and the Club shall submit a report on the status of the basic assets to the relevant authorities once a year.
Article 24. The general assets of the Club shall comprise membership fees, proceeds from operation and other contributions.
Article 25. The fiscal year of the Club shall begin on January 1 and end on December 31 of each year. Financial reports for each fiscal year shall be prepared within 45 days from the scheduled date of a regular annual general meeting. Financial audits shall be conducted prior to a general annual meeting under the responsibility of the auditors. Special audits may be conducted when the President make requests to the effect.
Article 26. Officers of the Club shall serve without compensation.
Chapter VII. Secretariat
Article 27. The Club shall have a Secretariat, consisting of one Geneal Secretary and several employees.
Article 28. The General Secretary shall be appointed by the President, and the Secretariat employees shall be recomended by the General Secretary for Board approval and appointment by the President. The General Secretary and employees shall receive salaries, and the Board of Directors shall decide the terms of employment, pay scales for employees and other matters.
Article 29. The General Secretary shall run the Secretariat and supervise employees under instructions by the Board of Directors. The General Secretary shall not be subjected to reappointment at the new terms of Club officers.
Chapter VIII. Amendments and Dissolution
Article 30. This constitution can not be changed without approval by two-thirds or more of correspondent members attending at a general meeting and the changs will be reported to the competent authorities.
Article 31. This Club can not be dissolved without approval of the two-thirds of all correspondent members in a special meeting for the purpose.
Article 32. In the event this Club is dissolved, the remaining property shall be donated to the State, local autonomous organs, or an organization similar to this Club in nature with the approval of the relevant authorities.
Chapter IX. Miscellaneous Provisions
Article 33. The Board of Directors shall propose the adoption or repeal of By-laws necessary for the execution of these Articles subject to approval by the general meeting.
Supplemental Provision
This Constitution shall take effect from the day on which this Club is registered as a judiciary person (Sadan pobin).