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-The SFCC Secretariat will lobby for as many slots as possible for events that require pool slots.

-Upon attaining two seats for pen pool slots, one seat will be allocated to western media, and another will go to Japanese media. -Should only one pool seat be open, it will be a world pool consisted of western media and Japanese media, and reports are to be written in Korean. More specifics for how pool guidelines are followed can be discussed and decided upon agreement within the pen pool members.

-In the instance that only one pen pool slot is available, Japanese media will be given priority for covering Japanese-related events (eg. Japanese Prime Minister's visit) while English language media will be given priority for American events (eg. U.S. Secretary of State's visit). If there is no clear interest for either group (eg. Slovenian prime minister’s visit) the single slot will alternate between Korean language and English Language reporters. The resulting report will be shared among all members of the pool in Korean.

-In situations where there are three pen pool slots, Chinese media gets the priority to bid for the third slot. If there are no applicants from Chinese media for the third slot, or there are four or more slots available, all members are qualified to participate in a lottery-system selection for a slot.

-In special cases where Chinese media must share a pool report with western and Japanese media, Chinese media must also write the pool report in Korean and share that pool report. (eg. 2018 Inter-Korean Summit, trials at the Court, abrupt changes to pools on the scene)

-If a designated pool reporter is unavailable or unwilling to cover the event, they are free to arrange to swap “shifts” with another pool member. If you chose not to cover an event, you will not receive the resulting report. If no one wants to cover the event, the pool itself is dismissed. Assigned pool reporters are required to deliver their reports in a timely manner.

- The SFCC secretariat will manage the administrative operations of the pool guidelines, and should there be necessary adjustments or issues to be raised regarding pen pool reports, opinions should be raised to the respective representatives of the western, Japanese, and Chinese media, and will be discussed within the representatives before being announced to all members. And it will be finalized to all SFCC members.