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- The SFCC Secretariat will lobby for two pen pool places at every event.

- One of these places will be used for Korean language reports and the other for English language reports.

- Members of the English language media pool will share their report among themselves the system for allocating reports to their pool slot. They will distribute the Korean language report among themselves.

- Members of the English language media pool will share their report among themselves. The pool will operate on a rotation basis under which each pool member is assigned an event to cover. If that member is unavailable or unwilling to cover the event, they are free to arrange to swap “shifts” with another pool member. If you chose not to cover an event, you will not receive the resulting report. If no one wants to cover the event, so be it. Assigned pool reporters required to deliver their report in a timely manner.

- In the instance that only one pen pool slot in available, Japanese media will be given priority for covering Japanese-related events (eg Abe visit) while English language media will be given priority for American events (eg Rice visit). If there is no clear interest for either group (eg Slovenian prime minister visit) the single slot will alternate between Korean language and English language reporters. The resulting report will be shared among all members of the pool, in whatever language it is compiled in.

- If there are three pen pool slots, there will be a draw among interested members to fill the spare spot.

- Burt Herman was selected to be chairman of the pen pool. The SFCC will continue to administer the pool but Burt will oversee it/deal with any coverage problems. Jack Kim from Reuters will take over if Burt is away.