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Title [MOU] Arrival-Donghae Line Railway survey  
[MOU] Arrival-Donghae Line Railway survey
Details of the event are as follows. Those desiring to cover must sign up with the SFCC Secretariat* no later than 4:30 p.m., FrIday, December 14.
 This event will take a pool of journalists.(STILL 1, TV 1, PEN 1)
 Pool journalists should arrive at Donghae Line Inter-Korean Transit Office individually. When you sign up with, please let us know Car No.
Event. Arrival-People for Donghae Line Railway survey
-When: (Time is not fixed yet), Monday, December 17th 
-Where: Donghae Line Inter-Korean Transit Office
* SFCC Secretariat: TEL. 02-734-3272~5 / FAX. 02-734-7712 / E-mail. master@sfcc.or.kr

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