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Title [Seoul City] Bell Tolling event at Bosingak  
[Seoul City] Bell Tolling event at Bosingak
Details of an event are as follows. Those desiring to cover this event must sign up with the SFCC Secretariat* no later than, 2:00 p.m., Friday, December 21st.
 These events take a pool of journalists.
Event 1. 1F On-site (Please sign up with the SFCC. It is a first-come-first-serve-basis(Total 10))
Event 2. 2F Close Proximity (STILL 1, TV 1)
When : Monday, December 31st 23:00~ Tuesday, January 1st00:35
Where: Bosingak
* Please check the follow detail schedule.
  Time Program Contents
Opening Ceremony
23:00~23:30 Opening Announcement  
23:30~23:33 Opening  
23:33~23:34 Announcement  Smart Bell Tolling
23:34~23:42 Roar becomes an echo [Video] 3.1 movement and 100th anniversary of the Korean government
[Musical] Roar 1919
[Performance] 100 years roar becomes an echo!
23:44~23:52 Introduction 16 people who ring the bell
Declaration 3.1 movement and 100th anniversary of the Korean government
Photo shoot Group photo and head to the bell
23:52~23:59 Interview with citizen Live message / interview
Bell-tolling ceremony
23:59~00:08 Bell-tolling ceremony Performance with a hundred thousand citizen and 33rd bell-tolling
00:03~00:04 Live HOPE message  
00:04~00:08 2019 Echo of Hope [Video] Relay of 2019 words of wisdom form citizen
00:08~00:12 New Year’s Message Mayor Park Won-Soon
After party 00:12~00:24 FINALE Performance1 – Harmonize
00:24~00:40 Performance2 – Park Ki-Young
* SFCC Secretariat: 02-734-3272~5 / FAX. 02-734-7712   / E-mail: master@sfcc.or.kr

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