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Title [National Assembly] US President Donald Trump event  
[National Assembly] US President Donald Trump event
US President, Donald Trump is scheduled to have a speech in National Assembly on Wednesday, November 8. Those desiring to cover must sign up with the SFCC Secretariat* no later than 5:00 p.m., November 3.
- This event takes a pool of 7 journalists. (STILL 2, TV 3, PEN 2)
- The number of p0ool seats could be changed
- This event is limited to those who hold a National Assembly press card.
  When: Time is not fixed yet, Wednesday, November 8
  Where: The Assembly's main hall (4F, Audience seats)
* SFCC Secretariat: FAX. (02)-734-7712 / E-mail: master@sfcc.or.kr


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