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Title [Seoul Central District Court] Lee Myung-baks Trial  

[Seoul Central District Court] Lee Myung-baks Trial


̸ Ʒ ߾ ˴ϴ. ̿ 縦 ϴ ȸ2018 5 15 (ȭ) 3ñ ܽűŬ 繫* ̸ ûֽñ ٶϴ.

- Ǯ ˴ϴ. (STILL 1, PEN 3) ڴ Ʈ մϴ.

-ǥ ɿ Դϴ.

- ҵ ֽϴ.


Former president, Lee Myung-baks trial will be held in Seoul Central District Court. Those desiring to cover must sign up with SFCC Secretariat* via E-mail no later than 3:00 p.m., Tuesday, May 15.


-This event will be a pool of journalists. (STILL 1, PEN 3) Notebooks will be permitted for PEN journalists.

-It will be notified later to get a Press Card.

-Photo covering might be canceled.






Sign up






-2018340 ̸

No. 417 Grand Courtroom -Trial:

Lee, Myung-bak



Ʈ -PEN 3

Photo Covering –STILL 1

Notebook permitted-PEN 3



*SFCC Secretariat: TEL. 02-734-3272~5 / FAX. 02-734-7712 / E-mail. master@sfcc.or.kr


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