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Title [MOU] Separated family reunion- Sharing Uni TV Video Footage  
[MOU] Separated family reunion- Sharing Uni TV Video Footage
During separated family reunion event, Ministry of Unification would like to share a Uni TV video footage with foreign press. For sharing a video footage, one of foreign Medias should wait in Donghae CIQ and share it with Medias which sign up with. Medias that can wait for video sharing at Donghae CIQ must sign up with the SFCC Secretariat* no later than 5:20 p.m., Friday, August 17.
-We should select one media company by date.
Aug. 20th(Mon) Aug. 21st(Tue) Aug 22nd(Wed) Aug 24th (Fri) Aug 25th(Sat) Aug 26th(Sun)
* SFCC Secretariat e-mail: master@sfcc.or.kr / Fax: (02)- 734-7712

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