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Title [통일부/MOU] Regarding Press Center for Inter-Korean High-level Talks  
Regarding Press Center for Inter-Korean High-level Talks

1) A Press Center will be open at the Office of Inter-Korean Dialogue on Monday, October 15.
- Open at 07:00 A.M.
- Those who wish to enter MUST be in possession of his/her press identification card issued by the Foreign Press Center of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, or any card that indicates his/her media outlet(ex. business card). Those who do not have a press card or any other form of identification will be denied entrance.
2) Regarding seating at the Press Center
- Seating will run on a first-come-first-serve basis
3) Regarding Still Images and Video Footage
- Still images will be available to foreign media. Reporters who wish to receive the still image should send their e-mail address to unikorea_fpr@naver.com by no later than Saturday(10.13) 6 P.M.
* Please attribute the images to the “Joint Press Corps”
- Video footage will not be provided, we ask that you receive video footage through affiliate media outlets.
4) Delegation Photo Session
- 07:30 Delegation Photo Session and Departure
5) Parking
- Parking is not available at the Office of Inter-Korean Dialogue due to limited space. Please park your cars at the vacant lot (behind Cyber University of Korea and Choong-Ang High School). 

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