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SFCC in the Lap of ‘Luxury’
The SFCC climbed to a pinnacle of recongnition last month with a spread in the restaurant section of the glossy magazine, Luxury.

“The Seoul Foreign Correspondents’ Club Lounge, Where You can Enjoy Work and Relax”, reads the headline over the full-page article, published in color, featuring scenes of the Lounge as well as samples of the menu. “For foreign correspondents, the SFCC Lounge is a membership club at the very heart of Seoul”, said the article. “It is the place to enjoy comfortable meals and to share information with one another. And for those who are not so serious about working”, said the article, “It is a place to enjoy a little break”.

The magazine also noted beauty of Korea, exemplified in the exquisite choice of Korean antiques, embroidery and pottery that now decorate the Lounge.